Help for Teachers

Google Meet Instructions

We suggest that 2nd hour classes use Google Meet.

Safely Engaging in Church Meetings and Activities

Guidelines for using Virtual Meeting Tech

Ideas for Virtual Learning and Teaching

Ward Technology Specialists

Each ward has at least one Ward Technology Specialist called. They will be responsible for updating meeting links on this site, as well as broadcasting Sacrament Meetings each week. 2nd Hour Teachers should send their meeting links to their Ward Technology Specialist to be included on your Ward's page.

  • 1st Ward: Mark Clayton

  • 5th Ward: Jason Alba

  • 8th Ward: James & Alex Mellor

  • 9th Ward: Kelly Albiston

  • 10th Ward: Adam & Zach Englebright

  • 13th Ward: Matt Sartori

  • 14th Ward: Ray Carter & Josh Powers

  • 15th Ward: Jay Hill