Stake Conference Choir/Easter Celebration 

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Music Numbers for Personal Practice

Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Adult Choir

It is Well with My Soul

Adult Choir

One by One

Combined Choir

The Miracle

Duet Number 

Always Remember

Children's/Youth Choir


Children's/Youth Choir

Practice Recordings

It is Well -Tabernacle Choir

It is Well -2nd Soprano

It is Well -1st Alto

It is Well -2nd Alto

It is Well -1st Tenor

It is Well -2nd Tenor

It is Well -Baritone

It is Well -Bass

It is Well -1st Alto played by Piano

It is Well -2nd Alto played by Piano

Christ the Lord -1st Alto

Christ the Lord 2nd Alto

Christ the Lord 1st Tenor

Christ the Lord 2nd Tenor

Christ the Lord -Baritone

Christ the Lord -Bass

Practice Schedule

Stake Adult and Youth Choir Participation

Adults: We are looking for adults with vocal talent, capable of to reading music and following the choral director.  Due to the limited time and the challenging nature of the music, we need near perfect attendance of rehearsals (beginning January 7th) and perfect attendance of the event March 19th & 20th at 7 PM (Call Time at 6 PM).

Youth: We are looking for primary aged and youth with a love of music and who are able to attend rehearsals beginning January 28th.