Help for Technology Specialists

Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts via Zoom

Login with the ward zoom account.

Setup a recurring Webinar (not meeting) ,running through the end of the year, with these settings:

After the webinar series is created, you can find the meeting join link.  This link should be placed on the ward page for attendees to join the webinar.

Download the Zoom app for your mobile device.  

Authenticate with ward zoom account.

Click " Meetings" on the bottom toolbar to find the recurring sacrament meeting webinar.

Start the webinar from the app, and choose call using internet to join the audio.  (as you have set webinar to launch in practice mode, you aren't broadcasting yet.)

Once you are ready to broadcast, press the "start webinar" button.

Broadcast is now live, just make sure you camera is on, and you aren't on mute.