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Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts

Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts

Scheduling the Broadcast

Sacrament meeting broadcasts can be scheduled using the Webcast Portal

Use the following information to schedule your broadcast each week.

  • Event Name: Choose a descriptive name such as '1st Ward Sacrament Meeting'

  • Event Date: Choose the Sunday for the broadcast.

  • Presiding Leader: Bishopric

  • Start Time: Choose the start time of your Sacrament Service. Streaming servers are started up 1 hour prior to the start time, so it is not necessary to schedule an earlier start time.

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Broadcast Site: Choose your ward building

  • Broadcast Type: Ward Sacrament Meeting

  • Time Zone: Use the default (UTC-07:00)

  • Nearest Region: Use the default

  • Select your Encoder: Broadcasts from the Stake Center choose "Stake Center Teradek". Other buildings choose "Other"

Streaming URL's

To find the streaming URL's for your broadcast:

  • Find your scheduled event in the Webcast Portal

  • Click the "Setup" link in the top right corner of the event tile.

  • Broadcasts from a phone using Larix will use the "Combined RTMP URL and Stream Name"

  • Broadcasts using the Teradek will use both the RTMP URL and Stream Name options.

Setup Stream using Larix

  • Tapping the gear icon will open the Settings menus

  • Set up a new connection

  • Add a Name

  • Paste the Streaming URL in the URL field.

  • Login/Password is not used. Leave them blank.

Setup Stream using VidiU